President’s Message

Our desire is, to provide patients with the innovative medicines as soon as possible and to bring smiles to patients and their families

President & CEO Kiichi Adachi

The human body has ingenious mechanisms to regenerate itself when it is injured.
These mechanisms include self-repair systems based on endogenous proteins called “growth factors” and stem cells with differentiation potency.
Regenerative medicine, which has attracted much attention in recent years, is an attempt to repair and regenerate damaged tissues and organs by making good use of these mechanisms inherent to the human body.
Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) was first discovered in Japan as a mitogenic protein that regenerates the liver, which has the greatest regenerative capacity of all organs.
Subsequent research has revealed that HGF is an indispensable protein that has multiple biological activities in the regeneration and repair of not only the liver, but also various other tissues and organs.
HGF has the enormous potential to be a therapeutic agent for intractable diseases involving tissue or organ damage, and there are high expectations for novel regenerative medicines using HGF.
Kringle Pharma is a drug discovery bio-venture company aiming at the practical implementation of HGF-based medicines.
We are committed to creating new value through HGF-based medicines and contributing to the happiness of people around the world.
We have already succeeded in producing pharmaceutical-grade recombinant human HGF and are conducting clinical trials for acute phase spinal cord injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), vocal fold scar, and acute kidney injury.
With these intractable diseases with high unmet medical needs as a starting point, we will expand the application of HGF protein drugs to other organ diseases.
Through these business activities, we aim to evolve from a drug-discovery bio-venture company into a complete biopharmaceutical company. In the end, we will provide the world with innovative medicines following on from HGF protein drug to contribute to societal and global healthcare.
Our desire is to deliver breakthrough medicines to patients as soon as possible and to bring irreplaceable smiles to patients and their families.